Finding Your Dream Home

Finding Your Dream Home

A Dream Home for You

Finding your dream home is one of the best feelings in life. Once you find that home that is perfect and is the on you can see yourself living in forever, life looks great. But, what goes into determining what your dream home is? You have a list of wants and needs, but how do you find all those in one house? In this post, we are going to show you some different ways you can find your dream home.

Those Wanted Features

It is important to note that not everyone in the family can have ever feature they want in a home. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. A good exercise to start out your dream home hunting, is to have everyone in the family make a list of the things they want, from the most to the least. That way you can at least look for everyone’s most important wants. This still might be hard, but it makes it much more feasible.

The Dream Neighborhood

When searching for your dream home, you have to remember that you are not all alone in the area. Unless your dream home is in the isolated desert or forest, you need to also make a list of things wanted in your dream neighborhood. These could be having a close community center, having a big property so your neighbors are not so close, or even having a gated community. This is where research also comes in. It is good to research neighborhood to see what the reviews from previous or present dwellers are. This way you get a feel for how you would enjoy the area. Remember, its not just you dream home in a bubble, it has to also make your life a dream.

Age is Key

It is good to be specific about how old or new you want your home. They both have their pros and cons. If you are someone who loves the older architecture and how a house creaks when you walk on the hardwood floors, you may need to remember that the charm that comes with it, also needs a lot of TLC. but on the other hand, a brand new home is one you can make you memories in and can be customizable to your tastes, but with a heftier price.


This is place you need to be very realistic with your dream home. Space is everything when it comes to a house, whether it just generally how big it is, or how it is laid out, these are things you need to have on your mind. You also need to think futuristically here. If you are married with kids, do you have enough room for the kids, and will it be too much room when they move out? If you don’t have kids but plan on having some, do you have enough room for them and is the layout kid friendly? These are the questions that need to be discussed when dream home planning.

Comfortable Pricing

This may be the hardest part of being realistic with a dream home. How much can you really afford? How big of a mortgage can you afford? This is one space you absolutely cannot skimp planning time on. You need to make sure you have a good budget set, that way you don’t go into crazy amounts of debt and lose the home you’ve been dreaming of for years. Go through your savings, your income, your spendings. What can you cut back on? How can you improve your credit?  What can you really afford?

With over 75 years of combined experience of getting people into their dream home, here at Staples, we are confident we can help you find yours as well. We want to make sure you can afford that house you’ve been dreaming of and with our variety of mortgage plans, it is possible. Come in and see us today or contact one of our teams member and lets get this process started!

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